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The adoption journey can often be lengthy and intricate, yet with the assistance of a dedicated team, it can make this exciting process as stress free as possible. Whether you are pursuing adoption domestically, internationally or as a step parent, there are important steps that you need to take.

If you are considering adopting a child, having a knowledgeable and compassionate legal advisor by your side is essential. Adoption solicitors specialise in guiding individuals and families through every step of the adoption process, ensuring that legal requirements are met, rights are protected, and the best interests of the child are upheld.

If you are seeking the assistance of an adoption solicitor, Expert Family Law have access to an experienced panel of solicitors to assist you with your case. Our panel of solicitors can provide legal advice, representation, and guidance through legal processes to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child involved. Please get in touch today to find out more.

The adoption process in the UK

Adopting a child in the UK involves several steps and processes. Here’s a general overview:

  1. Contact an Adoption Agency: In the UK, adoption services are primarily provided by local authorities and voluntary adoption agencies. Contact your local authority or a reputable adoption agency to start the process. They will provide you with information, advice, and guidance.
  2. Attend Information Sessions: Many adoption agencies offer information sessions or workshops for prospective adoptive parents. Attend these sessions to learn more about the adoption process, eligibility criteria, and the types of children awaiting adoption.
  3. Submit an Application: Once you’ve decided to proceed with adoption, you’ll need to submit an application to your chosen adoption agency. This application will involve providing personal information, undergoing background checks, and possibly attending interviews or assessments.
  4. Assessment process: The adoption agency will conduct a thorough assessment of your suitability to adopt. This adoption assessment involves home visits, interviews with you and your family members, and gathering information about your background, lifestyle, and support network.
  5. Matching Process: Once you’ve been approved as a prospective adopter, the agency will work to match you with a child who fits your preferences and circumstances. This process considers factors such as the child’s needs, background, and any specific requirements.
  6. Placement and Adoption Order: If a suitable match is found, you’ll have the opportunity to meet the child and gradually build a relationship with them through visits and introductions. If everything goes well, the child will be placed with you on a permanent basis, leading to the legal adoption order being granted by the court.

Remember that the adoption process can vary depending on individual circumstances and the policies of the adoption agency or local authority involved. It is essential to seek guidance from adoption solicitors and experts in adoption to navigate the process successfully.

What does the court consider when granting an adoption order?

When issuing an Adoption Order, the Family Court evaluates several factors, such as:

  • Whether the child’s biological parents have consented to the Adoption Order.
  • The duration the child has resided with the prospective adopter
  • Any prior Court orders or rulings determining that the birth parents should no longer have parental responsibility, especially if it’s deemed in the child’s best interest.

How long does the adoption process typically take?

The adoption process duration in the UK can vary widely based on several factors, including the specific circumstances of the case, the availability of suitable matches, and the administrative procedures involved.

On average, the process can take anywhere from six months to two years or even longer. However, it is essential to note that each adoption case is unique, and the timeframe can differ significantly from one situation to another.

How can adoption solicitors assist in the adoption process?

Adoption solicitors offer comprehensive legal advice tailored to each client’s specific circumstances. They explain the legal framework surrounding adoption, including relevant laws, regulations, and procedures, ensuring clients understand their rights and obligations throughout the process.

Adoption involves extensive paperwork, including adoption applications, consent forms, and legal agreements. Adoption solicitors assist clients in preparing and reviewing these documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

Adoption solicitors act as intermediaries between clients and adoption agencies, social workers, birth parents, and other involved parties. They facilitate communication, negotiation, and collaboration to ensure smooth progress and resolution of any issues that may arise.

In cases of international adoption, adoption solicitors experienced in inter-country adoption can assist clients in navigating the complexity of adopting a child from overseas.

Above all, adoption solicitors prioritise the welfare and best interests of the child throughout the adoption process. They ensure that all legal steps are taken to safeguard the child’s rights and well-being, providing a stable and loving environment for their upbringing.

How much do adoption solicitors cost?

When applying for an adoption, there will be solicitors’ fees involved in the running of your case. We have a number of fixed fee adoption solicitors from law firms on our panel. These fees will be discussed by your solicitor from the outset of your case.

Throughout the process of adoption, you will need someone experienced adoption law to guide you. If you are looking to adopt a child, having the right family law team on your side can make the adoption process as stress free as possible during this difficult time.

Why choose Expert Family Law?

The adoption solicitors on our panel can provide you with the best advice on all matters relating to adoption, from formal legal documentation to assisting with the adoption process itself.

We ensure that the experienced adoption lawyers from law firms on our panel have the skills required to assist with your case. We can assure you that your case will be dealt with in a compassionate and understanding manner.

Effective client care involves clear communication, empathy, and a tailored approach to each unique case, ensuring that clients feel understood, supported, and confident in the decisions they make.

If you are seeking legal advice on anything regarding adoption, please get in touch today using the online enquiry form at the top of the page to find out if a solicitor from one of our family law teams could help with your case.

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